Chapter 6

More music more music more music

Sat May 24, 2003 at 03:33:47 PM EST


Of course, I've been reading the K5 diaries. It's either do that, or chores. So the dishes and laundry and mowing the grass can be put off a while...
Since I'm sober today I'll expound a tad on last night's diary. And some other stuff relating to music.




I went down to Dempsey's a little early, about 9:00. The band usually starts at 10:00, but I saw no sign of any band. So I ask the bartender for a beer and if there is a band tonight.
No, but Perfunctory is playing tomorrow (meaning tonight). That's the Dead tribute band, and Holly is a deadhead. Which explains why she asked me if I was going to be there this week, probably hoping I'd say no...
So I drink the beer and wander around downtown. I find my way to Marley's, the place that had the kickass rock band last Friday night. HUGE bar, lots of room. Last Friday it was packed. Last night there weren't many people there. The band is playing some wimpy minor key song.
So, the guy that takes the cover says predictably, three dollars . I say I know, I was here last week and it rocked, but this band... well, is it all like that?
He says he doesn't know, they just started and he's never heard them before. So wtf, it's only 3 bucks. I pay up, go in and buy a beer. As I walk by the band I yell Zepplin! Major key!
I have a deep, booming voice that carries. You wouldn't think it from my small frame, but I have a thick neck with a big head, and huge lungs from years of holding pot smoke in. My voice annoys some people.
The song ends. Nobody applauds.
Bands that kick ass usually like me in the audience, because I have that loud voice that helps get the rest of the audience in a cheering, applauding mood. Applause, like smiles and laughter, is contagious and gets the mood going.
So I boo them. And suck down most of the beer in one gulp. Maybe this music will sound like rock if I'm higher.
There are like, a bartender and a half for every patron. They obviously expected a big crowd like last week. I imagine most people were smarter than me, and saved their three bucks when they heard the sucky, boring music.
It wasn't badly played, the musicianship was good, but the music just sucked. Boring and whiney.
So again I yell major key! and rest my head in one hand.
Lady bartender comes by and asks if everything is alright. I answer, louder than necessary, Yeah, but this music... if I wanted to be depressed I'd have stayed home by myself. I notice a few fellow patrons grinning about that.
So I get another beer and the band takes a break. Three songs and a break?
There's a baseball game on the TV. One of the lady bartenders is cheering the Cardinals. I get a third beer.
A guy bartender tells me I'm going to have to keep it down. At a rock show? I reply yeah, well this band sucks. I'm going to finish this beer and leave, I wasted my three bucks on the cover.
The band comes back on with more whiney, minor key shit music. I walk over and talk to the doorguy, then walk up to the other side of the bar.
The song over, the singer says something about that guy with the blue jean jacket. Not sure what, I wasn't really (yawn) paying attention. I stand up, grin at him, nearly flip him the bird but raise my index and pinkie in the heavy metal salute . The audience cheers and applauds me.
I down my beer and leave.
I should have gone to bread stretchers. The band there was good, but the crowd was way too young, mostly teens; bread stretchers is a sandwich shop.
Nobody's collecting a cover there so I go in and get a beer. The band is playing tequila .
That was their last song. Damn.
So I finish THAT beer and walk down to Dempseys, and get another beer. Not sure why. But I drink it, tip the bartender and leave.
Sucky, boring night.


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