Chapter 59

Evil always wins

Sun Dec 05, 2004 at 02:07:55 PM EST

All rise.
Be seated.
The judge didn't look happy.




A black man stood before the judge, some words were exchanged, and the man left. The court reporter (or whoever it is that does those announcements) read another docket number, and another black man stood before the judge.
The fellow had apparently been ordered to look for work and was told to bring in documentation that he had turned in two job applications per day. The judge wasn't buying his protestations that he had left his list of prospective employers at home.
The man was jailed. The judge seemed pained, and protested to everyone or no one, or perhaps God, that he didn't like sending people to jail but sometimes they left him no choice. He coughed. I'm calling a recess to, uh, get some cough medicine.
This seemed like an ideal time to use the rest room. As I searched for it, I spied Satan, the Evil-X, lurking at the far end of the hall. It looked especially dour. I was hoping it hadn't paid its lawyer and didn't have one anymore.
It didn't say anything, it just sat there. I finally found the restroom.
As I came out, the lady from the State's Attorney's office was looking for me. Her attorney claims that she's paying for your oldest daughter, and...
Finally before the judge, the State's Attorney lawyer was so nervous she was shaking. I realized this was her first case.
Sigh. No child support for me. X's slimy lawyer had convinced everyone that X was too poor to pay child support.
So that ends it. If I'm not too unlucky I won't have to deal with X any more.


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