KDE! What Have You Done?!

Note: Typed this out last year but never got around to posting it.
I've been meaning to install Linux on this notebook for quite some time, and finally got around to it Friday.
I started using Linux back in 2002 with Mandrake, and I loved it. They later renamed it Mandriva, and I kept using it. Then I found out that they were disbanding and patches would stop coming, so I switched to kubuntu, which is Ubuntu with a KDE desktop instead of that God-awful Gnome desktop. It ran happily on an old HP tower for years until the old tower had a severe hardware failure. I still need to take its hard drive and video card out and install them in the old Dell, which isn't on my network because it's running XP.
My first notebook I had like this one was stolen in a burglary five or six years ago. It was the same model as this, and it ran kubuntu very well, far better than its native Windows. With Windows I had to run a program from the ISP to get wi-fi working on it, but it just worked fine on kubuntu without my having to do anything.
So Friday I put it on this notebook dual-boot, since I need Microsoft Word even though I hate Microsoft Word. Knowing it would take a while I plugged in its power, and plugged it into the network for more speed. It took ten minutes to get my part of the installation done, and I watched the news as Linux installed.
I booted it up when it was done, and egad, KDE! What have you done?! Yes, it's a beautiful desktop, but it isn t the same KDE I ve been using for almost fifteen years.
What the hell, you stupid wet behind the ears software designers, are you NUTS? Look, you dumbasses, changing an interface all around for no good reason is just brain-dead stupid. I don t want to learn a brand new God damned interface unless it's instantly recognizable as an improvement, and this is about the same stupid move Microsoft made with Windows Eight. Look, you morons, if I wanted to learn a new interface I'd install Gnome or something.
Next I wanted to hear music, so I needed on the internet. I tried to connect to my server but simply couldn't get on with the wi-fi. Strangely, I was able to connect with someone else's unsecured wi-fi. It had gotten on the internet easily with the network cable plugged in.
Someone had said that Libre Office could read and write .doc files well, so I tried it. First I opened an Open Office document, and the font face was some cartoonish sans serif font instead of Gentium Book Basic.
Then I opened a .doc file, and it opened, although instead of Courier it had a different sans serif face.
I wanted to get at some files on my external hard drive, so I plugged the network cable in. It indicated a connection, and I could get on the internet through the router, but the external drive didn t show up.
I doubt that it's the OS's fault, though, since it wouldn't let me connect with my own wi-fi but was fine with someone else's. I m pretty sure it's that damned modem-router that the cable company makes me rent. I d change ISPs if I weren t planning to move next Spring.
At any rate, KDE now sucks. Someone said XCFE was good, I ll have to try it.
Posted March 16, 2016


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