“My God! It’s full of fail!” -David Bowman

What a mess.
Yesterday when I turned my computer on, an old Acer Aspire One, the “Upgrade to Windows 10!” nag screen popped up. Okay, what the hell, I'll try it, since Microsoft says going back is easy.
It took four hours to download and another hour for “preparing to upgrade Windows” to finish, and I was given a choice – upgrade now, or schedule for later? I scheduled it for nine last night, since I wanted to use the computer for, you know, computing.
At nine I told it to go ahead. I probably went to bed around ten, and the computer screen was still black with a “working...” graphic.
This morning it said it was ready. It rebooted, and took a full half hour to reach the desktop, which was simply butt-ugly and primitive looking. The kids doing the designing at Microsoft really suck at what they do.
Before it got to the password box there was quite a bit of user-hostile Microsoft spyware to opt out of. That, and the extreme slowness and butt-ugliness is all I could see that was changed. All of the changes seemed completely cosmetic. I found no additional features or usefulness at all.
My shortcut to Firefox on the task bar was gone. Microsoft Word and Excel were gone as well, although Open Office was still there. I went through the start menu's “other programs” or whatever it's called, and those applications were just gone.
Microsoft is just evil.
I have the flashblock extension installed, with a few sites whitelisted. Since KSHE changed their stream provider, I can't hear it on Firefox, so I set it to run IE on startup with the KSHE player as its home page. It took a full fifteen minutes before any music came out.
The new IE is called something else, I forgot what, but fortunately they didn't change the icon much or I'd never have found it. What is wrong with those people?
And I have never seen a slower computer, and my first one back in 1982 had a CPU that was over a thousand times slower than my notebook. The computer was simply unusable and extremely hard to navigate.
I was really glad I have my passwords written down, and it looked like I was going to lose all my bookmarks. I downloaded Firefox, and decided to go back to W7 before installing. I worried I'd have to buy Word, since the magazines all insist on it and Microsoft had apparently uninstalled it. Oh, magazines. I got my first rejection letter yesterday. I'll post it tomorrow.
Windows Ten is the worst operating system I've ever used. Of course, I understand that W8 was worse.
I went to uninstall it and it said I'd have to plug it in to uninstall – and it was fully charged. I figured it would take all day, so I plugged it in and set it going. Then doing something I never do, I went to facebook on my phone, and I hate typing on a phone.
Surprisingly, it only took an hour, and after it booted it seems to be like it was before the “upgrade”. Firefox, Word, and Excel were back.
September 15, 2015


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