Chapter Five




I woke up to the smell of bacon and coffee and the sound of a woman saying “Good morning, Johnny.”
It took me a second or two to figure out who was talking because I was a little hungover. “Mmmh,” I said. “Mornin', Destiny.” I got lucky, I usually suck at remembering names, but hers was so different it was easy.
“Come have some eggs before they get cold, John.”
“You made breakfast? Damn, I think I'm in love!”
She laughed. “Slow down, cowboy. And no, the robot made breakfast. I only made the coffee.”
I took a sip. It was really good coffee! But I'd been drinking that nasty robot crap. I laughed with her. “Don't worry, I'm a snail. I thought you liked me too?”
She grinned sheepishly. “I do. That's the problem. I didn't want to like you, I wanted to use you. But I can't, I like you too much.
“I might even be falling in love, damn it. Shit, I shouldn't have said that.”
I was glad she did. I thought I was falling in love, too. Something just clicked with us, it seemed. Never happened before, I don't know why I married my ex. But I might be...
My brain exploded again.
It was a little awkward but I had a way out. I sighed. “Time to secure the passenger and cargo for liftoff. I guess you're first, lover.”
Her eyes twinkled. “Lover?”
She smiled. “Yeah.”
Strapping and unstrapping is easy but you have to know how to do it, so you needed help the first time. I strapped her into a houseboat harness and started on the other two hundred women in the tube. Okay, one hundred ninety nine, sheesh. All of them looked happy but nervous. And horny. And all of them with their weird eyes with one pupil bigger than the other. When I finished strapping them all in I strapped myself into the houseboat's pilot chair and waited.
I hate liftoff. I wish I could just ride my houseboat up without the damned rocket boosters, I hate having her go through all that stress, let alone taking the gravities myself, but somebody has to be harnessed in the pilot seat and they have to be trained.
I wished this was a first class trip. They fly first class passengers up in a space plane to the lower edge of the atmosphere or something, then a liquid-fueled rocket on the space plane takes over and gradually adds thrust until it's at escape velocity. It isn't uncomfortable at all, but it's damned expensive, and slow. Rockets from the ground, now, those aren't the least bit comfortable but they're whole lot faster and a whole lot cheaper.
The countdown finally reached T minus ten.
“Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... Five... Four... Three... Two...”
I braced myself for the Gs. It isn't like riding ions like when you travel between planets, they use chemical rockets to get in orbit. They say it's because chemical rockets are cheaper for that, it's one reason that only people who can afford to buy judges can afford a first class ticket. There's a lot of gravities when the rocket lifts off. Looking back, the whores probably enjoyed liftoff.
I gripped the G harness and closed my eyes tight.
“...One. Ignition. Liftoff.”
God but I hate liftoff. Hey, you wanted this report to be complete, didn't you? Then shut the fuck up and let me talk. Jesus, guys.
Anyway, after we were in orbit I docked the tube on the port side of the ship, then I undocked my houseboat from the tube and docked it to the ship's pilot room dock. Once inside the pilot room I raised the generators to full power and slowly started accelerating, and the ship started moving; unharnessing is easier with gravity. Almost everything is easier with gravity. Except maybe gymnastics.
I went back in the houseboat to help Destiny get out of her harness, since it's almost impossible if nobody shows you how. We went into the ship, walked to the docking bay, and Destiny helped me unleash the rest. In fact, most of the rest helped unleashed the rest and it went a hell of a lot faster than it did to strap them in, faster than I expected. I was impressed, maybe the whores weren't as depraved as I thought?
It turned out that that I was completely wrong. They were more depraved than I could imagine.
I was carrying dangerous animals and didn’t know it. In fact, they were monsters.


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