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Buy me a beer? I need to earn a thousand dollars in twelve months from selling books, so I need to sell a thousand books.
Before, I had always posted printed versions for sale and free ebooks at the same time. I've just started posting free audiobooks and three dollar Kindle versions of my other books recently, but with this one, Kindle is first. You can install the free Kindle app on any phone or tablet.
I plan to donate the thousand dollars to charity. If you buy me a bee... er, buy a Kindle ebook, please write publish@mcgrewbooks.com with your choice of charity. The charity with the most emails in favor will get the money. When printed books are available, they will be counted toward the one thousand sales (I get a buck when someone buys a book).
When I reach the thousand sold goal, I'll post the free versions. If a year goes by without selling a thousand copies I'll post the free versions then.
Oh, if I see you in a bar and you show me Kindle on your phone with Journey to Madness, I'll buy you a beer.
Best choice for computers and large tablets depending on equipment.
Nook, almost all readers. Best choice for phones and small tablets (no illustrations)

Prologue: A Serious Journey
2In Orbit
4The Heliosphere
5Braking Maneuver
6Halfway from nowhere
9The Journey Home
Epilogue: Journey's End


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