The Apocrypha is the collection of books listed below. When I was a child I was told "it’s a Catholic thing," but I’ve recently learned that it was in the King James Bible from when it was first translated until the mid to late nineteenth cantury. A reason I've been able to dig up for its absence are that a book printer left those chapters out to save money on paper and ink. Another source said that there were no copies of it written in Hebrew.
The word “Apocrypha” is defined as usually written works, of unknown authorship or of doubtful origin. These books are not in the Jewish Torah, but Lutherans, Methodists, and some other Protestant religions do use them.
Aramaic and Hebrew fragments of the book were discovered in Cave IV at Qumran in 1955. These fragments are generally in agreement with the Greek text, which exists in three different editions.

1 Esdras

2 Esdras



Additions to Esther

Wisdom of Solomon



Letter of Jeremiah

Prayer of Azariah


Bel and the Dragon

Prayer of Manasseh

1 Maccabees

2 Maccabees

The Old Testament
The New Testament

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